Court Reporting

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A good court reporting service in Boston provides you with a transcript of court proceedings.

Many law firms in Boston and around the country think that this is all they need so it’s all they expect when they hire court reporters. Great court reporting starts with all the services you typically pay for such as depositions services, audio transcriptions, and litigation support. But a great court reporting firm also provides intangible pieces that you may not have even known were missing.

Our Boston court reporters and stenographers can work on short timelines and support long-term projects. We overcome challenges including rushed and mumbling speech, bad acoustics, and emotional testimony to deliver complete transcripts.

We want to make your job easier by offering excellent work along with value-added services and fast response times.

You can count on us to deliver:

  • Instant working transcripts (known as draft transcripts)
  • Realtime (live transcript on clients’ laptops)
  • Superb personal service
  • Exhibits hyperlinked to electronic transcripts
  • Realtime streaming of text and/or video
  • Livenote/CaseView/Summation
  • eTranscript® or PDF format
  • Online scheduling and coverage for last-minute proceedings
  • Complimentary use of our conference room

We maintain a competitive edge by offering fair and balance rates with exceptional service to individual attorneys or an entire law firm. We offer some of the best rates around for A-list reporters.

In large continuing cases, we assign a reporting team of three to four reporters who will become familiar with your case and your specific needs to ensure superior results.

Client Snapshot

“I was lead counsel on an 11-day precedent setting trial regarding the parental rights of legal parents, the outcome of which all in the courtroom were well aware would have long ranging consequences for families in Boston, Massachusetts and nationwide. It was a very tough case and it was especially difficult to get accurate testimony. The old courtroom’s acoustics made it difficult to hear the witnesses and the judge. To add to the reporter’s challenges, I requested a transcript to be emailed to me on the same day as testimony so I could prepare for the next day of trial.

Jill Kourafas with Reporters, Inc. made sure that I had a transcript every night of the trial so I could be much more effective in preparing my examinations. Indeed, one of the trial’s most crucial areas of cross examination may not have had the effect it did on the court without the benefit of a transcript in my hands from the previous day. That case went directly to the Supreme Judicial Court on Jill’s very good record. The opinion was unanimous and authored by the chief justice; it was an out of the park home run for us.”

—Regina M. Hurley, Esq., Partner, Verrill Dana LLP