Our Technology


The technology we use for legal video depositions, online transcription services, realtime court reporting and more, allows us to offer you court reporting transcripts you can rely on in formats that are easy to access and use. We provide realtime transcript text and video that you can view from multiple sites, tamper-proof E-transcripts, and a way to view video and exhibits along with the text transcript whether you’re in Boston or out of town. Our timely, accurate court transcription is backed up with the technology you need to search and share key information.

Realtime Transcript Text and Video

You can receive a realtime feed from our court reporters of our transcription on your laptop without having to use any special software. A browser-based interface allows you to simultaneously view live legal video depositions and the live transcript. Multiple users at different locations in and outside of Boston can view these streams, so your on-site attorneys can share the transcript information with off-site attorneys, experts, clients and others, for a superior litigation solution.

Tamper-Proof, Searchable E-Transcripts or PDFs

When you use digitally-signed E-Transcripts PDFs, you’re guaranteed a 100% tamper-proof file that you can rely on and feel confident about referencing in court. E-Transcript and PDF files are easy to view, print and review, with a word index for keyword searches. Each ensures page and line integrity.

Exhibits Linked and Video Synced

We can read exhibit documents into an electronic format and then link to them from the transcript text. Simply click on a hyperlinked word in the transcript to view the referenced exhibit instead of searching through stacks of documents. In addition, with our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Engine, we are able to provide clients with exhibits that are just as searchable as the transcripts. We also synchronize deposition video to the transcript for you so that you can see the transcript, video and related exhibits.

Draft Transcripts

Our Boston court reporters clean up the legal transcription of court depositions and proceeding, providing you with a higher-quality draft at the end of the day. That evening the draft transcript is delivered to you in a printable format via email.

Cleaned-up Drafts

Delivered within two hours of the deposition. It’s a cleaner copy than realtime feed and cleaner copy than immediate dirty disk.

Immediate Dirty Disks

An ASCII disk available immediately after the deposition.

Realtime Reporting

Our seasoned Boston court reporters and stenographers are ready to provide you with a realtime court reporting feed for viewing the deposition testimony as it occurs.