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What do our court reporters transcribe?
Just about everything for unmatched litigation support.

  • Court recordings (audiotape, audio CD, videotape, DVD)
  • 911 recordings
  • Hearings and interviews
  • Answering machine recordings
  • Business meetings
  • Seminars, lectures, etc.

When we create a court transcription, it’s not only accurate and complete, but often catches unclear words or turns of phrases that other court reporters and transcriptionists might miss. Any attorney knows that a case can be won or lost based on the details and we do more to get them right.  We bring the audio record to life, and all certified transcripts are admissible as evidence in legal actions.

Our seasoned court reporters have great ears and a knack at finding the unusual word or phrase, and our audio-enhancing technology has performed transcription miracles in Boston.

Reporters, Inc. understands the phrase “I NEED IT YESTERDAY!” and we live by it. We carry this sense of urgency with us to each case to excel at meeting deadlines and troubleshoot difficult situations where other court reporting firms in Boston have failed.

You will never find yourself waiting on the information you depend on to serve your client effectively.  We are known for being able to turn around transcripts as quickly as you need them. Our Boston staff provides accurate, affordable, and timely transcriptions to suit your needs. We also know that having the transcript itself is only half of what you need – you also need to be able to find information in it quickly. We offer indexing and searchable formats at no extra cost as part of our extensive litigation services.

Standard service is 5-7 business days. Rush service is as fast as requested.

Reporters, Inc. can handle any size project. We just need the specifics.

Please contact us if you have special requests regarding your project.