Video Conferencing

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We’ve made “being there” easy, economical and stress free! Easily connect two or more locations with realtime conferencing and crystal-clear recording. Our video conferencing is frequently used for trial preparation (expert consultations, strategy meetings, and witness preparation), depositions, negotiations and arbitration. Our equipment allows you to show documents, use audio and video playback, view exhibits and share information.

Mobile Video Conference Service
High Definition Video Conference Calls in Your Office

We bring an HD Video Conference System to your office, including a 40″ LCD monitor and a technician to ensure your call goes smoothly. You can even display images directly from your computer, with a split-screen effect in realtime.

Video Services and Trial Presentation

In addition to creating great video depositions, our court reporters make sure that you can access them in any format you need, when you need it. We offer powerful video-transcript synchronization that has become not only a persuasive tool and valuable litigation support service, but a necessity in settlement negotiations and courtroom playback for law firm that wish to stay ahead of the curve. Many attorneys are convinced that this bundling gives them persuasive edge – live video clips (presented on top) synched with the highlighted or marked transcript (presented on bottom) and projected onto a large screen in court. We provide the best video services Boston has to offer.

Video Streaming

Our mission is to provide what you need, when you need it. This is why we are offering a new video streaming service that streams realtime text, video and audio to deposition attendees across the globe in a safe, secure environment.